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A Genuine, Original Florida Establishment • Virginia Key, Florida USA
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Jimbo's 87th Birthday Party - April 6, 2014

Sunday, April 6
from noon to midnight

Gramps Bar
176 NW 24TH ST.
(786) 75-BOOZE

Free beer at noon
until it rums out.

Smoked Fish

Live Music

Bocce Ball

Old Friends

Good Times

Mark your calendar now to meet up with old friends at Gramps Bar in Wynwood on Sunday, April 6 at noon to celebrate our old friend Jimbo's 87th birthday.

Here's the link to the Jimbo's 87th Birthday page on Facebook.

Jimbo's Place, Smoked Fish, Bocce Ball, Virginia Key Florida, location, shrimp, Old FloridaJimbo's moving kind of slow these days, but he's eager to join the festivities from noon to 1:30pm. Stop by and see our old fiend, enjoy the company of the usual suspects and enjoy the free beer while it lasts.

Loose Cannons will be taking the stage at 4pm. Just like old times.

Jimbo's Shrimp Shack on Virginia Key was an iconic location in Miami's history. And Jimbo remains a legendary figure, a friend to thousands of good people from every walk of life.

Feel free to pass along this message to everyone who remembers Jimbo, playing bocce ball at the shrimp shack on Virginia Key, lovers of fresh smoked fish -- and all who enjoy a good time celebrating Miami's gregarious and colorful history.

Robert Burr
an old friend of Jimbo

p.s. the old Jimbo's web site is still online, but probably won't be for long. Have a good last look at all the old photos and such before it's gone.

Jimbo's Birthday Party In April

Old Times: Jimbo's 80th Birthday Party - April 15, 2007
the legend and
the tradition


Bubba's Photos

Every year in mid-April, Jimbo celebrates his birthday with a party on a Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of Jimbo's best friends bring gifts and food and drink to celebrate another year of good times at Jimbo's.

April 15 (Tax Day) was a special day to be at Jimbo's Place for a very special celebration as Jimbo celebrated 80 years as the friendliest man on earth, and 53 years in his current location on Virginia Key.

Savvy locals know about it. Tourists find it on the internet. Movie producers and photographers know it as one of the best locations in town. A little shrimp shack at the end of the road in Virginia Key, Jimbo's is a place on the water where everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of unspoiled South Florida -- without paying a dime. While the rest of Miami is undergoing rapid development, Jimbo's Place has managed to remain the same for the past five decades.

People go there to play bocce ball, enjoy the fresh smoked fish, relax in the shade, or doing nothing at all -- but everyone agrees on one thing -- Jimbo's unique personality makes this place special.

If you already know about it, or if you've never been there, get ready for one of the best events in the long and illustrious career of Jimbo's Place on Virginia Key next Sunday, April 15 -- Jimbo's 80th birthday.

Since tax day falls on a Sunday, you have an extra opportunity to procrastinate. Might as well spend that time enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on Virginia Key with Jimbo and his friends.

Bring a happy birthday card, a good cigar and some special goodies along to commemorate the friendliest man on earth's special occasion. Bring a picnic basket, something to drink -- or bring a friend who's never been to Jimbo's Place.

They're threatening to have fun, pitch a wang dang doodle, throw a good rave, party like animals, revel, roister, carouse, make merry, paint the town red, whoop it up, go on a spree, let their hair down, make whoopee, live life to the fullest and have a ball at Jimbo's Place. They're going to praise, extol, glorify, eulogize, revere, honor, pay tribute to and laud James "Jimbo" Luznar -- the friendliest man on earth.

Come appreciate the last place left at the end of the road where everyone is welcome. A genuine, original Florida establishment where you're free to do whatever you want, or nothing at all.

In this fast-paced world, we know that everything changes. If you might appreciate the simple pleasure of enjoying an old-fashioned, down-home, plain old unpretentious place like Jimbo's, come salute his 53 years on Virginia Key, and 80 years on earth.

I look forward to seeing you all there on Sunday, April 15 from noon to sundown.

Robert Burr

photos by Sarah Ballard

Jimbo's Place, Smoked Fish, Bocce Ball, Virginia Key Florida, location, shrimp, Old Florida Jimbo's Place, Smoked Fish, Bocce Ball, Virginia Key Florida, location, shrimp, Old Florida

A Genuine, Original Florida Establishment

Duck Lake Road, Virginia Key, Florida
It ain't easy to find... wanna see a map?

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